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Andrew Fleming
Artist | Professional
United States
I'm an animator and comic artist that loves learning new art techniques. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Animation. With my lack of free time, I'm dedicated to my craft in animation, concept art and my comic series. All I've ever wanted to do was to entertain and have people enjoy my art, so enjoy! Welcome to my page and feel free to visit my site!


Shokugeki For Soma by Stickfigure5000
Shokugeki For Soma
A fan art piece from one of my absolute favorite shows running for the past couple of seasons, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma! Here we have a fight card poster layout of a couple of my favorite characters from the series facing off for Shokugeki! Every Shokugeki challenge must have conditions though so the winner will get Soma. Boom! Go for Broke. - Andrew

This piece can also be found on my website at
Also find me on Instgram and Twitter Stickfigure5000
Sasha Portrait Practice by Stickfigure5000
Sasha Portrait Practice
Check out my first real attempt at portrait painting with no lines, just straight digital paint. This is the resulting piece after my first run-through of sakimichan 's portrait painting tutorial part 3. It was really crammed full of useful tips and techniques that I was totally lost on before; highly recommended if you're looking to learn something new!

Afterwards, I ran through with some of my own style and technique to finish up. I feel this is obviously still a little rough around the edges, but it just needs more practice. Next attempt I plan to have more emotion and hopefully more depth, but I just wanted to try and get some sort of result for this time around. In my own opinion... not too shabby! Yeah.

I'm so used to working with lines (and I really love the aesthetic of lines as well) that technique like this was always just lost on me and I never really knew where to begin. Learning new stuff always comes with it's frustrations and difficulties, but eventually with some practice and proper teaching, you get a result you're happy with... and I'm pretty happy with this. Plus, it as fun. With practice comes better results so I'm excited about future art pieces and what they could possibly look like! Trails of a growing artist! - Andrew

This piece is also featured on my art portfolio at…
I'm also on Instagram Stickfigure5000
and tumblr at stickfiguredomain
Mercury by Stickfigure5000
Mercury is an original character of mine from the main cast of my CyberPunk graphic novel currently in the works. This is yet another update to a character completed about 4 years ago from this posting. Mercury is one of my personal favorites with a incredibly conflicted and complex lifestyle, different from the world she lives in. Feedback and critique is welcome as always. There is much more to come as I continue to strive to improve my art. Enjoy!

See more releases on my portfolio at
I'm also on Instagram now at stickfigure5000
New art piece posted after far too long! Feels good to finally do art that isn't work related.
Sasha by Stickfigure5000
An art piece long overdue. Sasha is an original character of mine from the main cast of my CyberPunk graphic novel currently in the works. The last time I completed a full "render" of Sasha was about 4 years ago (from the post of this piece) and, needless to say, it's significantly different. Feedback and critique is welcome as always and there is more to come as I strive to improve myself as an artist. Enjoy!

Also featured on my portfolio site at StickfigureDomain:…
Yes, I am opening up for commissions!

You can look below to see all the different options and pricing that will go into buying a commission on the Open Commission Pricing layout, but first I will give you a few rules and Terms of Service that I run by before you start considering what you may want to get.


RULES about what I draw:

- I will give options for both Traditional and Digital Commissions!!
- I like to draw characters and character related art, but I prefer to draw women specifically simply because they are more fun to draw!
- I WILL draw suggestive art, but WILL NOT draw porn. [We can discuss specifics through notes to determine if art is appropriate]
- I will draw any character of your choosing, including OC's!
- Commissions do not include revisions of the art piece, it is simply my art rendition of a specified subject.
- You can be as specific about what you want drawn [see form below] and send as much reference as you can!
- You can be as descriptive in text about a character as you'd like to help me add personality and texture to the character, [Also on the form] but I will mostly run by photo reference for the drawing process.

- I also reserve the right to turn down any commission I feel I can't complete to the best of my ability or cannot produce a product that is worth the investment. I can help you come up with an alternative so you can still receive something you like.
- I work first come, first serve.


- Payment is all up front and done through PayPal. I will not take Point commissions, sorry.
- Send me a private note first to discuss what you would like to have done. [Again, be as specific as you would like or non-specific if you would like my complete interpretation. The CHARACTER FORM below should help fill all the missing pieces.]
- Once an idea is agreed upon I will send an invoice to your provided email that will have to be paid before the commission can begin.


I retain all the rights to the art piece itself including portfolio use, commercial use, where/if I choose post it online [unless otherwise discussed], etc. while you retain all the rights to your character if it's an original. You may also post it wherever you like ONLY if I am credited as the commission artist and NOT for commercial use. Others cannot use the piece for any reason [tracing, recoloring, copying, etc.] unless otherwise discussed with all three parties.

- You may make prints of the final digital file you receive if you so choose, but for no reason can you distribute it for financial gain unless discussed or the commercial rights have been sold off.


There is no set time frame for how long an art piece will take, this is not my only job. However, I promise that I will do my absolute best to get you your piece in the most timely manner as possible. Obviously, the more difficult options will take longer than the less complicated options.


THE FUN STUFF [Character form]:

- This is what you will send me in a note filled out and ready so we can start the process of doing cool art things.

Your DA Username: This will help me post you to a list, get in touch with you and whatever else I may need for contact. It should be present when you send the not, but it's always good to cover the bases.

Character Name: This will help me title the commission as well understand the ownership between you and your created characters. [For Original Characters, at least]

Reference Photos: Send as many as you possibly can so you can get the most accurate depiction of the character you want from me. NOTE If you want them wearing a different outfit from the reference, be sure to send that reference as well.

Character Info: [Personality, Mood, Personal Info, etc.] This will be a text description that will help create a more 'alive,' animated and personal feel for the character. If it's an OC, this will also help me personally connect to and understand your character a little better.

Any Additional Info: [Posing, Preferred Outfit, etc.] Anything specific you would want to see in the picture as far as what the character is doing, wearing, feeling etc… Be careful as to what you may be adding to the picture because it could result in a higher charge. HOWEVER! I would never charge you for anything without telling or consulting you first!! So no worries.

Your PayPal Email: This is required for the billing portion and is incredibly easy to set up and free. PayPal is pretty useful for a bunch of things on the internet so it never hurts to get one!

Commission Options: [See Choices Below]

Shipping Address: This, of course, is optional and only applicable if you want to receive the original copy of the pencil illustration [For options that apply, some Illustration options are entirely digital and so not start with traditional pencils and ink]. I will let you know ahead of time if options include original pencils.



- A high resolution PDF file of your commission.
- The original pencils/ink shipped to you. [If options apply]

SOME of my own PERSONAL FANDOMS that you may also enjoy:

- ThunderCats
- Monster Hunter
- Street Fighter [Amongst other fighting games]
- Anything Cyberpunk themed



Look over the Pricing Sheet here at the link below:

NOTE All the pricing on the sheet is ADDITIVE and all choices accumulate to a final price.

Open Commission Pricing by Stickfigure5000
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